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"azhar hd-karan boolani"

Arthur is a horny hypnotist who is a high school senior . 18 year old, he is average looking & of average intelligence but he possesses a 11 inch penis , a dirty mind & is able to control the minds of anyone he he pleases. Including his 54 mother Joyce & his 45 year old teacher Stacy

A team of one guy and one girl go around killing pretty young women and posing and preserving their bodies.

The next part in the ongoing series....

I meet an old woman who had a higher sex drive then anyone half her age and all she wanted was a cock.

A sexually abused young minded boy deprived of love escapes his childhood home and travels around searching for love."

In a ploy to get back with her ex, Miranda kidnaps his new girlfriend and brainwashes her into a babygirl to figure out why Nick loves her so much.

Becky apologizes and tries to make it up to poor Susie

Young sales rep has a complicated fling with a client. They share a secret, but she has another secret of her own.

Chloe embarks on life as a porn star